Nashville Sessions

by Liza Day

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These acoustic tracks were recorded in October, 2012 by Bradley Pooler (of Transit Audio) in the living room of Justin and Natalie Ferwerda in Nashville, TN.


released October 29, 2013

Engineered and mixed by Bradley Pooler of Transit Audio
Mastered by Adam Wisz



all rights reserved


Liza Day Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Spend It on Me
Seems I've got a funny feeling, the sea beneath is seeping through our shoes.
Maybe we'd avoid the sinking if we bent the breeze and didn't sail so soon.

I'll advocate the wind to break and bring about a change.
Gonna steal my baby, gonna spin him 'round and bring him back again.
Gonna give him some sense, so he can spend it on me.

Well, God above I've been believing, but I can't hear you in a quiet room
My silhouette has waltzed me down that winding hall, Lord, what shall I do?
Track Name: Words
Use your words, it's the least you can do,
to keep a poor girl from wondering what's true.
If you lose your affection for long,
don't keep her weighing her rights and her wrongs.

Don't leave her guessing or keep her undressing,
if your heart ain't burning in the heat of her gaze.
Don't go on spending the feelings she's lending,
if your heart ain't bending to the sound of her name.

I know that it won't put a crack in your throat,
a scratch on your skin, or an ache in your bones.
But a girl can't pretend that she easily mends,
when she falls from the height of the hope you have set.
Track Name: Do You Feel It Too?
Oh, to be a mother with a baby to my chest,
to grow a son or daughter from the fertile Midwest.
When the weeds have wrapped around the ways I thought I knew the best, they'll grow a little crooked, grow up crooked like the rest.

Marilyn you had the look of Jesus' face, his holy whisper and the blood of a saint.
You showed my momma how to raise us straight, still I curse at the earth and I cry when it shakes.

Oh, to have a lover with his hand upon my back, to stay beneath the covers when the thunder cracks.
When the hours steal my beauty and our bones return to dust, will our ghosts still intertwine behind the fortress of our love?
Track Name: You're Not Ready (To Leave Us Behind)
Well, I know how it goes when you're losing control.
Nothing unfolds the way you were told.
The cracks in the floor could swallow you whole and no one would know.

And I know that you thought you knew what was right, who you could trust and who you should fight but the truth you have chased became a face you didn't recognize.

The sounds will fade over time, leaving you to the night.
The dagger swings in your mind, but you're not ready to leave us behind.

So you'll reside with that thorn in your side, feeding your fear to the fire inside.
Soon we will be what you've helped us see through your unstitched eyes.